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molbloc-S - Sonic nozzle calibration device

Article-No.: molbloc-S


  • Measures mass and volume flow of gases
  • With piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors
  • Covers a flow range from up to 5000 slm
  • There are two different calibration options available
  • Lower cost than the model molbox1
  • Measuring ranges up to 5,000 l / min (slm) in N2 and air
  • Can be used with existing or molbox1 + molbox1 and COMPASS ® for Flow software
  • Uncertainty:
    ± 0.125% of reading with molbox1+
    ± 0.2% of reading with molblox1
  • molbloc-S can be calibrated in air, N2, Ar, H2, He, N2O and other gases
  • excellent area ratio (10:1 partial load operation) for molbox1 + S or other molbox models with vacuum
  • integrated gas temperature measurement
  • Real-time display as the conventional molbloc-L laminarelement
  • can be fully automated

Technical Data molbloc-S - Sonic nozzle calibration device *:

Unit Value

* subject to change without prior notice and errors excepted


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download molbloc-S-Sonic-Nozzle-Based-molblocs-for-Gas-Flow-3031065_6202_ENG_B_W-europascal.pdf.pdf  [2 MB] molbloc-S Sonic Nozzle Based molblocs for Gas Flow europascal
2 MB
download molstic-S-Mounting-System-for-molbloc-S-Mass-Flow-Elements-3191952_6202_ENG_B_W-europascal.pdf.pdf  [2.1 MB] molstic-S Mounting System for molbloc-S Mass Flow Elements europascal
2.1 MB
download molbloc-S-ranges-with-high-pressure-standard-pressure-and-low-pressure-calibrations-3542576_6200_ENG_B_W-europascal.pdf.pdf  [375 kB] molbloc-S ranges with high pressure standard pressure and low pressure calibrations europascal
375 kB