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DAkkS - Calibrations



europascal is accredited by the German accreditation entity DAkks

DAkkS-Calibration, (formerly DKD-Calibration), is defined as an accredited calibration as per rules and regulations of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and. according to ISO 17025. The German Accreditation Body authorized us to execute measurements for absolute pressures and relative pressures up to 5,000 bar. Consequently europascal is an official accredited DAkkS laboratory. Within the scope of DAkkS-calibrations, (up to 2009 called “DKD-calibrations”) we are issuing the corresponding internationally accepted calibration certificates.

DAkkS-Calibrations also offered On-Site

Please give us detailed information on the measurement type and range of calibration, the accuracy of the instrument and also of the respective medium so that we can send you a binding offer. If desired, we are also prepared to execute on-site calibrations in your premises. The following advantages would arise: No uninstallation and no transportation is necessary, so any damages of the highly sensible devices can be avoided.  Moreover, upon on-site calibration, the measuring instrument is directly ready for use. You safe time and don’t have any interruptions. We are pleased to offer you our service of measuring equipment monitoring. We remind you when maintenance and calibration services fall due. Regular maintenance and calibration increases and maintains the precision and function of your measuring instruments.  A decisive factor for an effective process flow!

In case of further questions or if you wish to make an appointment please do not hesitate to contact us!

Technical Data DAkkS - Calibrations *:

Unit Value

* subject to change without prior notice and errors excepted


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download Accreditation-Certificate-D-K-15055-01-00_2016-03-17.pdf.pdf  [368.7 kB] Accreditation Certificate D-K-15055-01-00_2016-03-17 English
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download Akkreditierungsurkunde-und-Anlage-D-K-15055-01_europascal_15022018.pdf.pdf  [3.3 MB] Accredition certificate D-K-15055-01-00
3.3 MB
download Overview-of-Measuring-Ranges-2018-europascal-Stand-30052018.pdf.pdf  [219.1 kB] Overview Measuring Range 2018 europascal
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