Fluke Gauges for Process Calibration – You can Count on that

As an expert in calibration, we provide a comprehensive range of highly accurate, robust and reliable Fluke and Fluke Calibration instruments for on-site calibration in the lab, workshop, plant or field. At europascal you get tools for process calibration, which help you to ensure a safe, efficient and reliable operation of your process plant and that fully meet your calibration requirements. They support work in process environments, for example in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries as well as in other demanding industrial sectors. Our product range offers Fluke instruments, divided into the areas of electrical calibration and multifunctional calibration, mA current loop calibration, pressure calibration and temperature calibration.

Fluke Gauges for Electrical Calibration and Multifunctional Calibration

The various electrical and multifunctional calibrators are particularly suitable for on-site calibration in laboratories and workshops. They generate, measure and simulate temperature, pressure, and electrical signals to enable accurate testing and adjustment of measuring instruments and virtually all process instruments.

Fluke Gauges for mA-Current Loop Calibration

For current loop work between 4 and 20 mA, current loop calibrators are essential. These Fluke gauges generate, measure and simulate with a display in mA or as a percentage of the span. These tools are characterized by a 24 V current loop supply, easy operation and special precision.

Fluke Gauges for Pressure Calibration

Regular calibration of instruments in plants is necessary for efficient operation. Fluke offers a wide range of tools. Fluke's pressure calibrators can be used for fast and reliable on-site calibration of pressure instruments, in the field or in the laboratory.

Fluke Gauges for Temperature Calibration

A temperature calibration can be carried out on all devices used in a temperature measuring system, regardless whether sensors, transmitters or indicators are used. The Fluke temperature measuring instruments ensure accurate process temperatures, both for electronic temperature signals and for sensors that initiate the signals.

We would be pleased to advise you personally and in detail in the selection of the appropriate tools for process calibration – Please feel free to contact us!