europascal is accredited by the German Accreditation Entity DAkkS for calibrations of absolute and relative pressures up to 5,000 bar as well as for electrical variables. Therefore, we are entitled to carry out DAkkS-Calibrations (formerly DKD-Calibration), and to issue the corresponding internationally recognized certificates.

Calibration in the following Areas:

Mechanical Measurands:

  • Pressure
Electrical Measurands: 
Direct Current and Low Frequency:
  • DC Voltage *)
  • Direct Current *)
  • DC Resistance
  • AC Voltage *)
  • Alternating Current *)
Time and Frequency:
  • Frequency and Speed *)
*) On-Site Calibration as well


DAkkS-Calibration (formerly DKD-Calibration) and On-Site Calibration


At the beginning of 2010 the German accreditation system was restructured. The „German Calibration Service“ (DKD) was transformed into “German Accreditation Body” (DAkkS). europascal is entitled to perform DAkkS-Calibrations according to ISO 17025.
In order to provide you with a detailed offer for DKD- or DAkkS-Calibration, we need the following Information:

  • Measurands
  • Calibration Extent
  • Technical Specification of the instrument
  • Medium - if necessary (required for variable pressure) 


The on-site calibration is a calibration in accordance with ISO 17025. To submit you an offer, we need the same data as for a DKD-Calibration or DAkkS-Calibration. 

On-Site Calibration - A Special Service of europascal


On request, our mobile service carries out an on-site calibration at your premises. An on-site calibration is especially useful if you have high-sensitive measuring devices that could damage during transport. In general, regular maintenance and calibration of your measuring devices and measuring equipment increase or maintain the precision and function of the instruments.

Contact us, we will gladly advise you and submit an individual offer upon request.