About us

the employees of europascaleuropascal is one of the leading companies in the field of calibration.
We are a company with an interesting history and many possibilities for the future.

We combine a number of different manufacturers of measurement and calibration systems to use by yourself.
Through our own know-how, we can offer you an interesting service.

the employees of europascal

We look forward to a close and long-lasting relationship with our customers and business partners.

Our accreditation qualified and motivated us to continue working reliably and thoroughly at the highest level to fulfill the requirements and needs of our customers more than just adequately.


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download Overview-Accredition-D-K-15055-01-00-DIN-ISO-IEC-17025_2018-vom-10-03-2021.pdf.pdf  [219.7 kB]Overview of Measuring Ranges Accredition D-K-15055-01-00 DIN ISO IEC 17025_2018 dated 10.03.2021
219.7 kB
download Akkreditierungsurkunde-und-Anlage-D-K-15055-01-nach-ISO17025_2018-vom-10-03-2021-europascal.pdf.pdf  [4.5 MB]Accredition Certificate and Attachment D-K-15055-01 according to ISO17025_2018 dated 10.02.2021
4.5 MB