Pressure Measurement Training: Pressure Controllers and Deadweight Testers

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metrological instruction and Calibration training at europascal

Effective operation of pressure controllers, deadweight testers and pressure indicators requires appropriate expertise. For this purpose, we offer  trainings and practical exercises in the field of pressure measurement technology.


Metrological Instruction

 Measurement uncertainty and calibration certificate: With this training, you are optimally prepared for dealing with audits and receive a solid background knowledge. In our calibration laboratory (D-K-15055-01-00 accredited according to ISO 17025:2018) we offer you the opportunity to be introduced into the calibration work. You will learn how to calculate the measurement uncertainty - using the example of the theoretical basis of the DKD-R6-1 Directive. 
Our experienced laboratory manager will provide you the technical expertise: Mr. Kassem El-Chami is a graduate engineer and has worked for several years as Deputy DKD Technical Committee Chairman. Upon completion of the training, you receive a certificate, which is also used for submission to audits and external auditors. We are entitled to issue DAkkS certificates for absolute pressure, positive and negative pressure.

Calibration Training for Pressure Measurement with Practical Exercises

Our calibration training will give you a better perspective of pressure measurement technology. You solve tasks of the daily practice guided by our experienced colleagues. Thereafter, you will complete them with practical exercises. You can also train with your own test device, for example, gauges or pressure sensors. Therefore, it would be helpful, if you could inform us in the registration form which of your test devices (including operation plan) you want to bring with you.
The calibration training can be ideally combined with our metrological instruction.

This training is planned on request and individually for you. Please ask us for the planning.
(For further information please refer to the questionnaire.)

User Training for Pressure Controllers and Pressure Indicators

Here, the topic of “handling” and “operation” of pressure controllers and pressure gaugess is dealt with very intensively. Please ask us for the dates!

Special Training

Our special trainings deal with the following topics: Temperature measurement technology, calculation of measurement uncertainty and the handling of dry-bloc calibrators. Please also ask for details and dates

If you have any further questions as to our pressure measurement trainings for pressure controllers, pressure indicators, deadweight testers or other events, please contact us. We will be pleased to advise you - also to organize your trip or accomodation.!