Products: Pressure, Calibration and Temperature Measuring Instruments

We specialize in the sale of calibration equipment and offer a wide range of calibration products. Our assortment extends from pressure controllers and deadweight testers to temperature measuring instruments and multifunctional calibrators. In addition, our scope of services includes the DKD or DAkkS-Calibration and factory calibration, as well as the design of measuring and calibration systems.

Pressure Measurement and Temperature Measurement

For the demanding pressure measurement, we are offering hydraulic and pneumatic pressure balances and pressure controllers for various measuring ranges, as well as pressure indicators and digital gauges. DakkS-Calibrations up to 5000 bar can be executed in our calibration laboratory D-K-15055-01-00. The product range of temperature measurement includes versatile Fluke and other temperature measuring devices. These are, among others, dry-block and infrared calibrators. For accurate measurement, your temperature meters should be well calibrated.

Electrical Calibration, Humidity Measurement and Gas Flow Calibration

The electrical calibration depends on different parameters, such as voltage, current and resistance. For this purpose, we offer various multifunctional calibrators for field and workstation use. Humidity measurement depends on precision, whether in the laboratory or on-site. With us you can find suitable humidity calibration devices, thermo-hygrometers and data loggers. For a real-time output in the field of gas flow calibration, we offer, among other things, mass flow measurement systems and gas mass flowmeters.

DAkkS-Calibration and Projecting

Europascal is accredited by DAkkS and is entitled to carry out DKD or DAkkS calibrations in its own laboratory as well as at your location. See D-K-15055-01-00. In addition, we offer you individual project solutions for the construction of measuring and calibration systems - from project design to realization.

Should you have any further questions regarding our temperature measuring instruments or other products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also discover our precise tools for process calibration.

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