Calibration Equipment for Moisture Measurement

The accurate measurement of the humidity is important when people or moisture-sensitive substances are in a room over an extended period of time. Humidity should be measured as accurately as possible, so that it can be adjusted accordingly. We are offering different calibration instruments for humidity measurements: special humidity calibration instruments, thermo-hygrometer and data logger.

Humidity Calibration System for Mobile and Stationary Application

The Humidity Calibration System  Model 2000SP has a digital control and is easy to handle. Furthermore, it provides short measuring times and impresses with its high stability and measuring accuracy. This humidity calibration device generates precise moisture values using an internal reference sensor for monitoring the chamber for relative humidity and temperature. Data processing is performed by a microprocessor. The calibrator can be used both mobile and stationary.

Digital Thermo-Hygrometer and Data Logger

The digital 1620A-Thermo-Hygrometer  offers the most accurate, graphical temperature- and humidity monitor on the market. In addition, it has a precision sensor for temperature measurement and a standard sensor for the measurement of moisture. This allows the moisture meter to monitor two locations simultaneously, as the sensors can be connected up to 30 m via an extension cable. In addition, it is network-capable and has an extremely large memory as well as powerful protocol and analysis tools. 
With the EP20-THIP-Data Logger  you can collect the measured data regarding temperature, humidity and air pressure for your calibration laboratory.

If you are looking for a precise calibration device for moisture measurement, please do not hesitate to contact us.