Fluke-Gauges and Other Temperature Measuring Devices at europascal

In the field of temperature measurement, we offer various Fluke gauges and other temperature measuring devices. From dry-block and infrared calibrators to temperature baths, temperature indicators and sensors as well as to software and accessories, our product range covers a wide spectrum.

Fluke-Gauges: Safe, Accurate and Reliable Temperature Measuring Instruments

Fluke gauges stand for safety, accuracy and reliability. It is not without reason that the temperature meters of this brand are among the most popular in the world. We at europascal are also convinced by the quality of the Fluke measuring instruments. Therefore, they are an integral part of our product range. But also the manufacturers Ametek and Martel Electronics enjoy our trust. 

Temperature Measuring Instruments for Various Applications and Temperature Ranges

As with all our products, we are also offering a wide range of temperature measuring instruments. For example, our dry-block calibrators, are designed for temperature ranges of up to 1200 °C. If you need mobile temperature measuring instruments, we recommend the Fluke field infrared calibrators. With us you can also find the world's smallest calibration baths, which are designed to calibrate sensors with different diameters without sleeves.

You'll also find many other Fluke gauges and other temperature measuring instruments on this page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our competent team. We are happy to help!


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