europascal GmbH is a service provider for calibrations (DAkkS and factory calibrations) for the following measured variables and product groups (independent of the manufacturer):

Pressure calibrations are carried out, among others ,for the following devices:

The calibration of the electrical measured quantities can be carried out for the following quantities

  • DC Voltage *)
  • Direct Current *)
  • DC Resistance
  • AC Voltage *)
  • Alternating Current *)
  • Capacity *)
  • Inductivity *)
  • Electrical Measruments *)
  • Electrica Power Factor *)
  • High voltage measurement *)

    Time and Frequency:
  •     Frequency and Speed *)

The DAkkS calibration of the thermodynamic parameters can be carried out for the following temperature parameters
  • Directly displaying thermal meters
  • Resistance thermometer
  • Temperature block calibrators
  • Climate chambers (temperature) *)
  • Radiation thermometer *)
  • Temperature display devices and simulators *)
  • Calibration baths *)

The calibrations are carried out either in our calibration laboratory or on-site independently of the manufacturers and in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
Our calibration laboratory has received the Certificate of Accreditation
No. D-K-15055-01-00.

Accreditation - Standards - Approvals

7th September, 2023
Extension of DAkkS accreditation to D-K-15055-01-00 to D-K-15055-01-02
Expansion of accreditation and better measurement uncertainties in many ranges.

10th March, 2021
Advanced Accreditation of the DAkkS laboratory for pressure up to 10,000 bar

30th November, 2020
Advanced Accreditation in accordance to DIN IEC ISO 17025:2018

31st March, 2020
Expansion of the DAkkS laboratory with thermodynamic parameters
(see accreditation certificate dated March 31, 2020)

15th February, 2018 - Expansion of the electrical laboratory with capacity *); electrical power *); Power factor *);
as well as extension of different measuring ranges in the measurand pressure and electrical measurands
(see accreditation certificate dated 15.02.2018)

17th March, 2016 - DAkkS-Accreditation for pressures of 0.01 mbar to 5000 bar rel./abs.
and also for electrical measurands.
(DC Voltage, Direct Current Values, DC Resistance, AC Voltage, Alternating Current Values, Fequency)

24th March, 2011 - DAkkS-Accreditation for  pressures of 0.01 mbar to 5000 bar rel. / abs.

1st January, 2005 - Advanced Accreditation in accordance to DIN IEC ISO 17025

8th August, 2000 - Accreditation by the German Calibration Service (DKD) and
by the auditors PTB Brunswick for the operation of the laboratory DKD-K-30101

The term calibration refers to a measurement process technology for the reliable, reproducible determination of the deviation and the uncertainty of a measuring device. In Germany calibrations are made by laboratories accredited by the German accreditation entity DAkkS (formerly DKD). europpascal was accredited by the DAkkS (with the support of the PTB in Brunswick, Germany) for calibrations of 0.00001 bar to 5000 bar (gauge. / relative) and is, therefore authorized to issue DKD-certificates. Thus, the customer receives a certified calibration.
europascal is an active member of the PTB’s newly founded DKD Association (new DKD).
The primary goals of the DKD are promoting the calibration business by fostering its unity through the exchange of information between the DKD members and the establishment of calibration guidelines (so-called DKD-R guidelines), which represent the state of the art and can be used as a basis for accreditation procedures or assessments.


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download DKD-R_6-1_Ausgabe-03_2014.pdf.pdf  [1.4 MB]DKD R 6 1 Ausgabe 03 2014
1.4 MB
download DAkkS-Akkreditierung-D-K-15055-01-00-Urkunde-und-Anlage-zur-Teil-Akkreditierungsurkunde-vom-07-09-2023.pdf.pdf  [821.1 kB]DAkkS-Accreditions Certificate and Attachment D-K-15055-01-00 according to ISO17025_2018 dated 07.09.2023
821.1 kB
download DAkkS-Akkreditierung-D-K-15055-01-01-Urkunde-und-Anlage-zur-Teil-Akkreditierungsurkunde-vom-07-09-2023.pdf.pdf  [3.4 MB]DAkkS-Accreditions Certificate and Attachment D-K-15055-01-01 according to ISO17025_2018 dated 07.09.2023
3.4 MB
download DAkkS-Akkreditierung-D-K-15055-01-02-Urkunde-und-Anlage-zur-Teil-Akkreditierungsurkunde-vom-07-09-2023.pdf.pdf  [2.7 MB]DAkkS-Accreditions Certificate and Attachment D-K-15055-01-02 according to ISO17025_2018 dated 07.09.2023
2.7 MB
download Overview-Accredition-according-to-D-K-15055-01-01-DIN-ISO-IEC-17025_2018-dated-07-09-2023.pdf.pdf  [339.8 kB]Overview of Measuring Ranges Accredition D-K-15055-01-01 DIN ISO IEC 17025_2018 dated 07.09.2023
339.8 kB
download Overview-Accredition-according-to-D-K-15055-01-02-DIN-ISO-IEC-17025_2018-dated-07-09-2023.pdf.pdf  [324.1 kB]Overview of Measuring Ranges Accredition D-K-15055-01-02 DIN ISO IEC 17025_2018 dated 07.09.2023
324.1 kB