Pneumatic and hydraulic Pressure controllers for various applications

Pressure controllers, like deadweight testers, are intended to measure pressures and to calibrate pressure gauges. Other than the deadweight tester, which has a physical operating principle, pressure controllers are electronic pressure gauges or calibrators. According to the scope of application and to your requirements, our product range offers hydraulic and pneumatic pressure controllers as well. We focus on offering the highest quality of our products – therefore we mainly offer Fluke controllers but also products of further well-known manufacturers that are producing high-quality and reliable instruments.

Versatile, efficient and reliable pressure controllers offered by  europascal

One of the particularly efficient pressure controllers of our product range is the Fluke 6270A. The controller is characterized by its simple handling and maintenance as well as its modular construction. This probably makes it the most economic and versatile solution in the field of pressure measuring and calibration. A special snap-in-system enables modules to be changed simply and safely during the operation of the machine. So different module types and measuring ranges can be combined exactly to your needs and requirements. In this way calibration of an extensive product range of pressure gauges is possible with only one pressure controller. The device offers a large measuring range from vacuum up to 200 bar positive pressure (3,000psi)

Our Service: from maintenance to on-site calibration

In addition to our high quality and functional products we are offering a comprehensive and individual service in the field of pressure controllers and calibrators. Make use of our on-site calibration. This service is especially recommended for highly sensitive measuring devices. Removal and installation of the devices is not necessary and you save costs and risks associated with the packing and shipping.
We offer professional calibration in your premises with our special Equipment
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