Hydraulic and pneumatic deadweight testers for all fields of application

Deadweight testers like gauges, pressure transmitters or pressure switches are the most accurate instruments available for mechanic and electronic calibration. Deadweight testers are working purely physical that guarantees a highly accurate measurement and calibration. Deadweight testers are especially suited for application in laboratories and industrial enterprises but also in hospitals, in the automotive sector or chemical industry - wherever you work with pressures

We are offering a wide product range of hydraulic and pneumatic deadweight testers for different pressure ranges for absolute pressure as well as relative pressure measuring.

We provide the right Instrument for any Special Application

europascal offers a variety of products for all fields of application. For example, the hydraulic deadweight tester BH2  has a measurement range up to 7,000 bar and an accuracy with a deviation of only 0.05 to 0.003 %FS. The deadweight tester incorporates ring weights and a weight bell for a low center of gravity as well as a two-step spindle which offers minimal force when operating. Thanks to the transparent overhead oil reservoir, monitoring is particularly easy. The deadweight tester has quick connectors; thus no tools are necessary to connect the instruments to be calibrated. Of course we also offer other models of deadweight testers as well as many other Fluke gauges.

Our Service of On-Site Calibration

In addition to maintenance we also offer DAkkS accredited calibrations. Our special service is the on-site calibration. Like that we save our customers’ the time-consuming removal and installation of the devices and the costs and risks associated with the packing and shipping.

For any questions concerning our products and services please contact us, we will be pleased to advise you in all aspects!

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