europascal Service:

Maintenance, Repair, DAkkS-Calibration also On-Site Calibration and Measuring Equipment monitoring

As an expert with DAkkS accreditation we offer our service of DAkkS-Calibration in our company and also as an on-site calibration. Our service also includes the regular maintenance of your measuring systems and measuring devices as well as the monitoring of the measuring equipment. Our experienced experts also carry out repairs on the equipment if necessary. Here an overview of our services:

Maintenance according to Manufacturer's Guidelines including DAkkS-Calibration

Regular maintenance and calibrations increase or maintain the quality, precision and function of your measuring instruments and measuring devices. This is the only way to achieve an efficient process and increase the lifetime of the instruments. By regular maintenance you can save money, because expensive repairs are usually not necessary. We carry out maintenance and repairs of deadweight testers / piston gauges and precision pressure gauges of all manufacturers according to the manufacturer specifications.

On-site calibration

DAkkS-Calibrations and factory calibrations are also carried out as an on-site calibration at your premises. We recommend this service especially for high-sensitive measuring instruments, but also for many other calibrations. No extensive removal and installation work is necessary and you are not responsible for packaging, shipping, or risks associated with shipping as well. Our DAkkS accreditation guarantees the consistently high quality of our services.

Measuring Equipment Monitoring

Regular calibration and compliance with the required calibration intervals are essential for consistently accurate measurement results. The calibration intervals are defined by the measuring devices or customer requirements. We are pleased to offer you the monitoring of the measuring equipment, keep an eye on everything and inform you about the upcoming calibration dates.
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