Calibrators for Current, Voltage and more - according to DAkkS-Calibration Directives 

At europascal, you receive process multi-function calibrators for field and workstation use as well as precision calibrators and digital multimeters for laboratories. The devices meet a wide range of calibration requirements in the field of electrical parameters, according to the DakkS-Calibration guidelines. Process multi-function calibrators can be used both for pressure and temperature measurement as well as for current and voltage measurement. Therefore, they are also digital manometers and temperature measuring devices. They enable accurate testing and adjustment of virtually all process instruments. Our precision calibrators and digital multimeters are versatile, time-saving and powerful.

Process-Mulitfunction-Calibrators according to DAkkS-Calibration Directives

Whether documentary reference pressure measuring instruments, innovative current loop calibrators, documenting process calibrators with HART function or other fast and user-friendly tools - europascal ensures the highest quality and precise measuring results. We purchase the products from renowned brand manufacturers such as Fluke, Martel Electronics, Additel, Crystal pressure and Ametek.

Precision Calibrators an Digital Mulitmeters according to DAkkS-Calibration Guidelines

The precision calibrators of the Millennium Series 3001 from Martel are distinguished by versatility and performance, and the Millennium Series M200A from the renowned brand manufacturer stands for stability and accuracy. The Ametek reference lab meter nVision Lab Reference recognizes changes in readings and peak values in real-time. In addition, you will find numerous other high-quality precision calibrators and digital multimeters according to the DakkS-Calibration guidelines, that will help you to optimize your processes.

Maintenance Service for Digital Manometers, Temperature Measuring Instruments and Co.

In order to ensure that the devices have the longest possible service life and to keep the quality of the measurements always at the highest level, regular maintenance is particularly important. With europascal, you have an experienced and reliable partner at your side who cares for the maintenance of your measuring equipment as well as for the monitoring of measuring instruments . Contact us!

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