Gas mass flow meters

In gas flow calibration, a standard is needed that is fast, accurate and automated. A real-time output of the flow is extremely important. The right software for your problem solution completes the calibration and simplifies it. Our product range offers versatile mass flowmeters and measurement systems for gas as well as the related accessories.

Flow meters and measurement systems made by Fluke

Flow meters and measurement systems made by Fluke
We supply gas mass flow meters and measurement systems manufactured by Fluke Calibration.  Molblox RFM combined with molbloc-L, for example, measures the mass flow and volumetric flow of gases at a flow rate measurement uncertainty of max. +- 0,5 % of reading with a 100:1 workspace. Molblocs form the core of the instruments:  mechanically stable, laminar sonic nozzle flow elements.

Molblox1+ is a measurement system, with lowest gas flow measurement uncertainties. It provides calibration of mass flow meters and controllers for different flows. Real-time measurement and no moving parts allow performing calibrations without compromising.

Accessories for mass flow meters

We offer accessories suitable to all of our mass flow meters and measurement systems. The MFC Switchbox, for example, is a mass flow control box which powers up to five MFCs (mass flow controllers) and/or MFMs (mass flow meters) and allows switching control between them.The molstic-L mounting system provides a mounting solution for molblocs, either when connecting a gas supply or for pressure control.

If you have any questions concerning our mass flow meters of mass flow measurement systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.